Profesor Aleksiej Jabłokow z Centrum Rosyjskiej Polityki Środowiska: Liczba ofiar Czarnobyla to około 1,5 miliona (szacunki do 2004 r. dokonane razem z V. B. Nesterenko i A. V. Nesterenko). 

Profesor Jabłokow postuluje stały monitoring i pomiar radioaktywności w powietrzu, pożywieniu i wodzie w Japonii, a także o konieczność przeprowadzania takich pomiarów także niezależnie od władz.

Profesor Christopher Busby szacuje, że Fukushhima będzie przyczyną około 400 tysięcy nowotworów u ludzi mieszkających w promieniu 200 km od zniszczonej elektrowni. Szacunki te nie uwzględniają jednak wszystkich negatywnych efektów, jakie będzie miała rozprzestrzeniająca się radiacja.

Alexey Yablokov and Chris Busby participated in the International Radioactivity Risk Kongress in Berlin 6-8.03.2011 ( ).
Alexey Yablokov´s with colleges V. B. Nesterenko and A. V. Nesterenko estimation of 1,5 million early deaths in the after Chernobyl period until 2004.

Yablokov mentions even his college Khudoley, V.V. from N. N. Petrov' Research Institute of Oncology, Center of Independent Environmental Expertise, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Yablokov urges to establish rad-monitoring of foods and water, mentioning even marine life forms. He offers the sufficient experience from Chernobyl in areas of Bio Technologies. In the very end of this sequence he even points out the crucial need of independent civil systems for measurement of radiation as industry and state constantly conceal the data, being trapped in the current systems. Yablokov strikes that data based on the ICRP estimation of dose are unscientific and incorrect, leaving governments with unreliable risk estimation models. He even informs that the radioactive milk could be reprocessed to be safe again, as there are BioTechnolgies developed for that.

Pr Chris Busby is asked by Yablokov and the Austrian radio reporter on the estimations of victims in Japan. At least 400.000 cancers in next 50 years in the 200 km radium fr Fukushima, is the estimation using the more reliable ECRR-model( and ). Estimation is based even on the epidemiology method of Swedish researchers Martin Tondel etc ( ). Anyway it is clear underestimation as it is made on the unreliable IAEA data reports, that might be many times higher in reality. The risks on fertility and other disease are not estimated in this number. See

Busby refers to Fukusima catastrophy as a global problem caused by systemic global encouragement on nuclear industry investments and US reactor sales.

Busby´s prediction for Europeans is relaxing regarding Fukushima fallout, so far. He alarms China, Korea etc areas.

The IAEA official ICRP radiation risk model is incorrect by several orders of magnitude, ECRR model is to be used.

Alexey Yablokov press conference 25.03.2011 in US - watch on C-Span

Interview with A. V. Yablokov, as co-author of "Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment" ( ) published by New York Science Academy, recorded March 27, 2011 :
Chris Busby on Alex Jones show:

Radionuclides: Pu, U, Co-58, Cs-134, Xe-138, I-131, Sr-90, Kr-85, Kr-87, Xe-133M, Kr-85M, Xe-131M, Cs-137, Xe-135M, I-131 S, Kr-88, Co-60, Xe-135, XE- 133, C-14, I-131, Ar-41, H-3, C-14, P-238, Pu-239, Pu-240,Pu-241, H-3, U-235, U-238