Poziom skażenia wody w elektrowni Fukushima I miliony razy przekracza dopuszczalne normy

Na terenie elektrowni atomowej Fukushima Daiichi wykryto skrajnie skażoną wodę. Skażenie miliony razy przekracza dopuszczalne normy i wynosi 750 milionów Bq/l. Skażenie wykryto w rowie niedaleko reaktora 2 jednak nie wiadomo jakie jest dokładnie jego źródło. 

Obecnie TEPCO próbuje powstrzymać wyciek do morza. Tak wielkiego poziomu promieniowania nie odnotowano od początku awarii.


Schemat przedstawia tunele, jakimi skażona woda przedostaje się do oceanu z reaktora 2 i 3.

This picture shows the tunnels the radioactive water can follow to sea from r2 and r3. 

Rector 2 exploded internally. once the molten core melted through the reactor pressure vessel and fell to the bottom of the containment where the 3000C corium would have hit water flashing it to steam creating a big pressure rise that released east toward the turbine building and the tunnels to the ocean. Reactor 2 has been leaking to the ocean this entire time of two plus years and only now tepco finally admitted to it. http://fukushima-diary.com/2013/07/tepco-knew-29000000-bqm3-of-tritium-at-25m-from-the-sea-last-year-but-didnt-announce-it/

Reactor 3 MOX Plutonium is 2 million times more toxic then the other reactors at fukushima. R3 core went critical and exploded 2km into the atmosphere back in march 2011 defiantly the biggest explosion. Because the explosion was so strong upwards it was also strong down ward rupturing the containment below the only way it could go which was through the piping and electrical tunnels connecting the reactor to the turbine building. Reactor 3 has been leaking to the ocean this entire time confirmed by the plutonium being found in the ocean water km away from the plant . 

Source photo: http://ex-skf.blogspot.ca/2013/07/fukushima-i-nuke-plant-groundwater_28.html